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Corporate Events

Tired of the same old team-building exercises? Let us help bring your team together with our selection of missions specifically designed to reinforce teamwork.

Birthday Parties

With a wide variety of options, Laser Recon will help you plan a unique birthday experience perfectly tailored to your guests.

Summer Camps

Laser Recon is perfect for campers to bond with their fellow campers and have some fun in the great outdoors.

Group Events

Don’t have a birthday coming up? You never need an excuse to have a good time with us!

Military Simulation

Getting bored with the same old video games that you can beat with one hand behind your back? Try some of our Advanced Missions and see how you stack up against the best.

Mobile Laser Tag

Bring the fast-paced, action-packed sport of laser skirmish to your home.

Featured Missions

Zombie Infestation

A classic! Defenders must hold out against the living dead, whose numbers swell with every casualty. Can humanity last until reinforcements arrive? Are reinforcements even coming??


Teams must scour the field for lost intelligence and have their cryptologist piece it together. Protect your crypto or you won’t be able to break the code!

Capture the Flag

Teams must capture the opposition’s flag while defending their own. With numerous variants, CTF is a classic that can easily be incorporated into other missions.

News and Upcoming Events

Equip Your Team For Battle: Armory Essentials

Mobile Laser Tag San Jose When assembling your team for laser combat, you want to make sure you have a game plan and that everyone is on board. Maybe you want to diversify your team, and use a sniper, some close-range infantry, and a roaming scout. Or, given your team’s assets, maybe speed is your ally and you want to utilize a quick-strike strategy with multiple attack fronts. No matter what, outfitting your unit with the right arsenal will be key to your victory. Laser Tag Sunnyvale The makeup of your team is an important factor, and if you can put all the pieces together, you can assure yourself...

History of Laser Tag

History of Laser Tag We have hundreds of people visit us here at Laser Recon each day. Some people visit for a birthday party and others visit just as a fun recreational activity. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to gain some light exercise for the week. We wanted to offer a short history (possibly part I of II) about laser tag. In the last 1970’s and early 80’s, the United States Army deployed a system using infrared beans for combat training. The MILES system functions like laser tag in that beams are “fired” into receivers that score hits. Similar systems are now manufactured by several...

Ways to Keep Your Kids Active

  An active kid is a healthy kid. Regular exercise provides benefits such as better sleep, stronger muscles and bones, weight control and more. We’ve come up with some ways to help you help your child want to be active: Keep the Focus on Fun - Kids don’t want to do something they don’t enjoy, even if it benefits them in the long run. Practicing an activity your child does enjoy will make him or her actually want to practice more. Interests Can Change - As time passes and children age, their interests can change. Even if your child loses interest in an old favorite such as soccer, the...

Laser Recon Basic Training

Laser Recon’s Basic Training course is here! For just $300, recruits will play hours and hours of laser tag, receive detailed instruction from Laser Recon veterans and get a sneak peak at the latest and greatest missions and training exercises! Additional details at: http://www.laserrecon.com/basic-training/

Hollister Farmer’s Market 2013

Starting 5/29, we’ll be at the Hollister Farmer’s Market every Wednesday from 3 PM to 7 PM. 10 minute games are just $4 each or 3 for $10. See you there!

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