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Laser Tag MissionsMissions are what separate us from the lower animals… well, that and opposable thumbs, and a few other higher brain functions… but mostly missions! To successfully complete your mission, your team will have to achieve one or more objectives. Simply eliminating the opposing team isn’t good enough; you’ll have to balance your attacks on the opposition with achieving the goals handed down to your team. Some missions are designed for beginners, while others offer challenging levels of play to beginners and veterans alike. Each mission has numerous options designed to challenge even the most seasoned warrior, and for the truly elite, we combine missions to give you even more victory requirements! Here are the basic versions of some of the missions we commonly play:

Team Elimination:
A nod to traditional combat sports, our traditional warm-up mission has teams attempt to eliminate the opposing team, but there’s a twist: dead players respawn (re-enter play at full health and ammo), so you’ll have to fight through the entire team for the entire mission…highest score wins!

Teams must capture the opposition’s flag while defending their own.  With numerous variants, CTF is a classic that can easily be incorporated into other missions.

Teams fight to control a location of strategic significance.

Escalating Assault:
Defenders must face overwhelming odds and hold off as long as they can….sometimes reinforcements are on the way, and sometimes it’s just a vanguard action to give your forces time to retreat.

VIP Extraction:
One team attempts to extract a rescued P.O.W. from the conflict, while the other team(s) attempt to stop them. Control of the extraction point is key, but watch out for the extraction team calling for pickup at a different point!

Teams must scour the field for lost intelligence and have their cryptologist piece it together. Protect your crypto or you won’t be able to break the code!

Teams must scout strategically assigned areas of the sector and plant tracking devices, but be warned: enemy recon teams are nearby.

Zombie Infestation:
A classic! Defenders must hold out against the living dead, whose numbers swell with every casualty. Can humanity last until reinforcements arrive? Are reinforcements even coming??

Each team has a combat medic who can patch players up and get them back in action. Defend your medic and win the war of attrition!

A mission from our advanced library. While simultaneously achieving their primary objectives defined by another mission (Elimination, CTF, VIP Extraction), teams strive to have the most unanswered eliminations (number of opposing team members taken down in a row without losing a teammate).